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Intermountain Lacrosse (IMLAX) opened registration early to try and get a more organized start to the season. Between offering an "EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT" and payment plan options, it makes a lot of sense to register sooner than later.


Brighton Boys Youth League Fees:

Program fee - $30.00

Jersey - $25.00*

Shooter shirt - $20.00*

Shorts - $20.00*


*Uniforms: For the Spring 2018 season, we are using the SAME uniforms as Spring/Fall 2017. If your child played in 2017 and the uniform still fits, you are not required to purchase a new uniform. If any piece of the players uniform is too small or needs replacement, you can order pieces individually. All players need uniforms that fit and that are in good condition. New players need all 3 uniform pieces:  jersey, shooter shirt, shorts.

League Fee Note: Brighton league fees are separate from the IMLAX League fees. More information is below.




Please note, a few updates have been made at IMLAX since last season:

1. NEW MEMBER DATABASE: Due to a new system, ALL members (returning included) will be required to create a new account.

2. MEDICAL RELEASE & CONCUSSION FORM: This is required in order to complete registration. You will be asked to upload this form at the end of the registration process. The form was attached in your registration email. Note: It is a 2-part form, please be sure to fully complete each section and upload both portions in the same file when registering.


Boys K-4th Grade IMLAX Fees:

for boys in PreK-4th grade during 2017-18 school year

Base Cost - $85.00

Early Bird Discount - $10.00 (through Jan.10, 2018)



Boys 5th-8th grade IMLAX Fees:

for boys in 5th-8th grade during 2017-18 school year

Base Cost - $105.00

Early Bird Discount - $10.00 (through Jan. 10, 2018)




Once registration is complete, you can choose your payment option at the checkout screen. Pay in full or opt for a payment plan. The details below may help you decide which to choose:

For the payment plan, reoccurring charges will automatically be charged to the card used at the time of registration and on the 15th of each month through February. K-4th can expect a $25/mo charge. 5th-8th can expect a $30/mo charge.

Final payments on February 15th will charge the total remaining balance on the account. You will not be overcharged.

If you are registering after one of the installment dates (15 of the month), the total due at the time of checkout will include all previous planned installments to the date of your registration.



NOV 15: Spring Registration opened
JAN 10:  Early Bird pricing ends
FEB 15: Spring Season Kick-Off Meeting

FEB 26: Practices may begin
MAR 7:   Late Registration Fee begins ($20.00)
MAR 22: Spring Registration closes
MAR 24: Games begin


If you have specific questions about Brighton Boy's Youth Lacrosse,

please email





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